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Upcycler Starter Kit

Transform regular pieces of cardboard into engineering marvels with WondrBolt!

Our unique cardboard construction kit has everything you need to tinker, invent, and construct all kinds of dynamic contraptions and structures. WondrBolts give your creations the freedom to move without falling apart! This means you can build creations which have moving parts, from a simple windmill to a fully articulated robot costume.

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Easy. Fast. Fun!

Connect cardboard together in seconds with our kid-friendly tools, included in all our starter kits.  You never need to use anything else.  No tape, no glue, no mess.

It's fun and easy to build with WondrBolt!

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About Us

My son, my daughter and I love to build things.  We'll make forts, costumes, catapults, masks, canoes, cars, you name it.  During the recent pandemic, we spent a lot of time together making all kinds of cool things, but the biggest hassle was always the mess and frustration of working with tape and glue, and the amount of time it took to bring our creations to life.

So we worked together to figure out a way to easily connect all sorts of light weight materials together.  We purchased a few 3D printers and started testing our ideas. After a few months of trial and error, WondrBolt was born!

We now want to share this amazing invention with all of you makers out there, both kids and adults, so that you can enjoy challenging your imagination and bringing your creations to life!