Building with Fabrics

Building with Fabrics

Building with Fabrics

Fabric connectors are a special type of WonderBolt connector that allows you to build quickly and easily with fabrics!  Here is how the fabric connector works.

WondrBolt Fabric Connector

  1. Place the fabric connector over top of the fabric you with to connect.
  2. Flip over the fabric and connector.
  3. Press a WondrBolt Rubber Stopper against the fabric in order to sandwich the fabric between the rubber stopper an the large hole in the fabric connector.
  4. Push the rubber stopper and fabric through the large hole in the fabric connector.  That's it!

There are 2 different types of fabric connectors in WondrBolt kits:

  • Fabric to Bolt
  • Fabric to Fabric

Fabric to Bolt

Fabric to Bolt connectors allow you to connect fabric to any material that you can connect bolts to.  So you could connect fabrics to cardboard, to plastic sheets, etc. 

Some common applications could be creating a roof for your fort.  Let's say you've built up the walls of a large fort, and you want to quickly create a roof.  You can take a bedsheet, or a large thin canvas, and drape it over the entire fort.  Then you can use the fabric to bolt connectors to connect the edges of the fabric roof to the cardboard walls of the fort.

Fabric to Fabric

The Fabric to fabric connectors allow you to connect one piece of fabric to another.  A really popular use for this connector is to connect pieces of fabric to your clothing.  So for example, if you wanted to attach a superhero cape to your shirt, you could use the fabric to fabric connectors to connect a towel or other kids of cape material to the shoulders of your shirt.