Cardboard Screws vs WondrBolt

Cardboard Screws vs WondrBolt

Cardboard Screws vs WondrBolt

WondrBolt has several advantages over the more basic cardboard screw connectors.  The most obvious and useful advantage is that WondrBolt allows your creations to move!

A quick example can clearly illustrate this advantage.  Let's say you wanted to build a windmill out of cardboard, and you wanted the blades of the windmill to actually spin.  If you were to use a cardboard screw to attach the windmill blades to the structure, then the moment the baldes would turn, the screw would un-screw itself and fall out, blades, screws, and all.  Not very fun.

WondrBolt easily solves this problem.  Using a WondrBolt connection allows the windmill blades to rotate freely and easily without ever coming loose.  But wait, there's more!

Using the cool accessories that come with the WondrBolt Inventor Kit, you can actually build a hand crank to rotate the windmill blades, or even build internal machinery to create a fully functional windmill!  Imagine being able to quickly and easily build a wind-powered drawbridge for your fort using only WondrBolt connectors and nothing more!

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