Manufacturing Quality Guarantee

Manufacturing Method:

Wondrbolts are made with 2 different manufacturing methods: Injection molding, and 3D printing.  We use this combination of manufacturing methods to give us the maximum flexibility needed to come up with cool new parts quickly, while producing the most common components in large quantities.   At the moment, all the long bolts and short bolts are produced via injection molding, while ALL other components are 3d printed.

Quality Guarantee:

We guarantee the quality of our products for life! So if you ever feel like there is a quality issue with any of our products, let us know and we'll make it better.  Note that for 3D printed parts, cosmetic blemishes can occur because each part is printed individually, one at a time.  You can sometimes notice thin stringing of the plastic material, or slight warping in some areas.  These cosmetic blemishes in no way affect the durability or function of the parts.  However, if you receive any parts that are functionally inadequate or broken, let us know immediately and we promise that we will make it right.

WARNING: Not for children 3 years old and under

It's really important to note that our kits contain small parts that can be choking hazards for children.  There are also some sharp edges (all plastic) that can pose a danger if used inappropriately.  Please do not allow young children to play with WondrBolts kits unsupervised.  Our kits are not designed to be used by children 3 years old and younger, or by children who have not yet developed the proper dexterity to use a bolt and stopper system like WondrBolt.